Posted on: 25 Mar 2014

Hi all,

Following on from my last blog, I have nothing really to report on my running, as since my last 7.5 mile run last Wednesday I have been recovering from my latest setback.

I have been trying to get a physio appointment all week with no luck, as my usual lady is away on holiday. But today I had a phone call to say there has been a cancelation & can I make tomorrow lunchtime, finally a light at the end of the tunnel.

The injury is still not improving, even after all the tennis ball methods, foam rolling & stretching, so I hope that the physio can shed some light into what I have done & give me some rehab exercises to get me fit enough to tackle 26.2 miles in just over 2 weeks.

After reading the great Hollywood's blog & what he, Mrs H & Remi achieved last weekend, Mrs S (the wife) has quietly been thinking of entering 'The Race For Life'. The school mums are all rallying together to get a team organised to help support a close friend of ours who was struck down with a very bad case of breast cancer, she is battling hard & is determined to overcome this.

This got Mrs S thinking tonight about not just entering the 5K race to walk it, but to run it!!! She has never run in her life & finds it hard to motivate herslef into doing any form of exercise, but as this is for a close friend she is determined to do this. I looked into her eyes tonight & I can see that she wants to tackle this head on.

So tomorrow she wants to take her first steps into becoming a runner & she wants me to train her. I am buzzing at this & I cannot wait to see her progress & run the 5K course at the start of June.

I will not push her to begin with & we will only cover between half a mile & a mile but we will do this together. I might be carring an injury, but I want to repay the support & encouragement Mrs S has given me all through the years I have been running & training for marathons.

You guys have been amazing with your support for me & I would love to show her some of your comments of support to show her what the realbuzz community is all about.

Hopefully i'll report back tomorrow with our progress & what the physio says about my injury, but it's my eldest boys 7th birthday tomorrow so I might not get time. Wish us both luck!!!

Enjoy your tapering guys, not long now!!!

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