That difficult first post

Posted on: 16 Jun 2016

I've waited 20 days. A lot can happen in 20 days. I'll summarise.

I've successfully completed 5k everyday. In the first 12 days this involved running anywhere between a mile and a half and 2 miles before walking a bit then running the rest. My times varied from my very first run of 31.47 to a best of 29.45 during half term while away at the UK Games Expo. Then on day 13 I finally had a breakthrough just when I was beggining to wonder if I ever would and ran the whole 5k accompanied by close friend Amanda who supported me all the way and dragged me to the finish line. Completing the run in a much better 29.26, no where near my old personal bests, but a massive indicator of progress. Parkrun on Saturday was slightly slower again as I rested my legs for the afternoon of cricket but Monday was the start of a massive upsurge. (Helped by a blog I read where someone else was having trouble completing his run without stopping and was resoundingly told to slow down to a slower speed. Turns out I'd assumed I could run at my old miling of 9.15 which at this stage is too fast).

Monday - First 5k completed without stopping while running alone (29.10)

Tuesday - First time two 5k completed without stopping back-to-back (29.12)

Wednesday - Somehow completed 10k without stopping (Wed is going to be my longer run) on my own in a respectable (for me) 1:00:47

Thursday - Despite heavy legs from Wednesday, managed to get out and complete another one without stopping including a much quicker last 1km of 5mins 5 secs to get in at 29:40, despite going much slower early on.

Feeling strong and happy, looking forward to a slow light jog tomorrow as a rest day and then a steady parkrun on saturday morning.

From the starting point of 252lbs I now weigh 242 three weeks later, I feel fitter and while I'd like to get below 200, I'd like to be fit enough to be a first pick when the footie season comes round at the end of August and I'd like to get back to running sub 25 minute 5k's I am certainly headed in a good direction...

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