"Timeless Challenge"

Posted on: 29 May 2014

I read the attached article a couple of weeks ago:  Runner World – Run your fastest race with “Timeless Challenge”  Now I admit I’m not very up on the pace rates and things so I tend very much to run how I feel, listening to my breathing etc so I was quite encouraged by this article.  Wasn’t too sure about ‘using the colours’ but I’m beginning to ‘get’ it now.

Just read Gloshawks call to orange for the parkrun next week so here is the ‘selfie’ (it’s terrible) that I took at the end of last weeks parkrun – no one can look worse than this in orange:  


Wednesday 28th May.  50-60 mins Cross Training

Wii EA Fitness II – selected the Calorie Burner – Hard 45 mins and sweated out for 49 mins and 311.4 calories at 105average bpm (143max HR).

Also dug out the old Tai Chi VHS Video to re-learn my 24 form.  Think it will be a good Cross Trainer – it’s tougher than it looks - honest!.  Have spent £1000’s in the distant past learning both Tai Chi and Chi Gong, it’s a crime to have forgotten so much and no longer practice it.  A Gauntlet for me will be to re-learn and practice as much as I can on my own.  The actual ‘gauntlet’  is to perform it in the park one sunny morning.

Thursday 29th May.  45-55 mins 4-5 miles was on the plan

I decided to go twice round the park (Crystal Palace).  Weather cool but dry.  Felt a bit tired and achy hoped it would improve.  Went up anti-clockwise (my scuppered plan for Sunday last), felt really hard today, wanted to stop at circuit one but remembered the last bit is down, just had to get up again and did.  Still felt tired and achy when finished but did lots of stretching at home.    Totals: 4.63 miles in 52.30 mins.

May have a rest day tomorrow as not feeling too brilliant, butt cheek is hurting again.  Plus, yesterday I got drenched on my way to work and spent all afternoon with damp, cold feet.  Probably not going to do me any good.  I’ll see how I feel in the morning.

On advice from Marc I will pack extra shoes and socks for Saturday. Happy Orange Parkrun buzzers.

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