Bushy Parkrun 14/06/14

Posted on: 15 Jun 2014

Saturday 14th June.  Joined Nick at Bushy Parkrun this morning.  Had to catch 3 trains to Hampton Wick and then try to find the start in the massive park with no clues!  I asked a jogger if he knew where the start of the Parkrun was and he said he’d never heard of it!  Saw a chap in shorts/vest disappear into a gated wall so decided to follow him (Dirk Gently method – follow someone who looks like they know where they’re going).  I was still walking at this point but the time was getting on.  I could still see the chap in the distance when I got overtaken by a lady jogger going in the same direction.  This time I started jogging to keep up with her.  (So far Dirk’s methodology was working) – I was beginning to spy more joggers all heading in a similar direction – except the lady – she went off to the left but I followed the general flow and jogged over the grass at an angle and as I approached I could hear the sound of applause (time was about 08:58) so I made it in time for the start but not to see Nick get his 50 shirt)!

I just found a nice little spot at the back of the teeming throng when we were off.  Now I was still puffing a bit from my jog to the start and the course starts on grass so I took my time and the unique experience of once round the circuit started.  Passed a couple of buggy runners on the grassy bit then once on the track I myself was passed by one).  Went past a 250 parkrun shirt (very stylish – hope I can get one of those one day – in fact I saw no less than 3 of them).  Slowly made my way past a few walkers.  Was amused by the fact that I passed by the entrance I’d come in earlier and continued along the track I’d just come along! (now if only I’d waited!!!)   Only joking.  Along the dirt track a bit further and I thought I saw a chap heading in the opposite direction wearing a nice 50 shirt who looked a lot like Nick – so I shouted out to him twice, but he carried on without even looking round so I’d either not shouted loud enough or it simply wasn’t Nick – so I carried on.  Then, just as I was thinking the finish is just a short way away, a marshall pointed us to the left and we had to run along a spur and then back and around passing the Diana Fountain and another marshall ensured we went to the left of the tree before heading off back across the grass passing the refreshment stand to the finish.  I managed a short ‘sprint’ but still got pipped at the post by a strapping young lady.

Everything was very well organised thereafter.  Told to stay in the same order along the funnel were we got our finish chips, from there to a queue for the bar-coding.  I managed to get scanned by a strolling marshall so I was able to head over to the tea cabin (passing a table of sparking refreshments – think it may have been a Birthday celebration).  Then as I was in the queue the same chap I’d seen earlier came into the area and asked if I was Yve – Nick?  Said I?  Perfect reunion.  We bought our tea and in the true RealBuzz way we carried on our conversation as if we’d known each other for many years past.  Hugs/Photos etc.   (He may visit Hackney next week to shout Dave and myself on).

Nick very kindly agreed to give me a lift back to Hampton Wick (I did apologise for sweating all over his car but he said he was too!).  Whilst in the queue to exit the park I saw two rather nice deer having a morning snack.  They looked totally unconcerned by either the vehicle traffic or the human traffic!

We found our way back to the station said our farewells and then it was three trains home.

Final time came through, a reasonable: 34:39 position 827 (out of 911) my 30th Parkrun.  Don’t think I’ll be doing one next Saturday – want to save my strength for the Hackney Half.

Footnote:   Hairdressers today 2pm in Central London.  Back on the train, nice, pleasant walk through St James’s / Green Park planned.  Scuppered by the Trooping of the Colour so ended up going round the back of Buckingham Palace to get to Green Park then along Piccadilly to Old Bond Street etc etc as fast as we could walk.  Just made it in time for the appointment but was in serious need of a glass of water. 

Round trip (went back to Victoria Station via Costa Coffee), 4.6 miles in total, earlier diversion definitely added an extra mile to the trip.

Sunday 15th June 45-55 mins 4-5 miles.  Runkeeper went on the fritz again today so all times and distances are estimates.  Weather was a hint drizzly (wet wind).  Quite liked it.  Headed up to Crystal Palace and went clockwise up and round.  Feeling good so went on the longer higher circuit around – noted that some sort of fitness boot camp was taking place on the lower level and along the route marshalls appeared along with km markers.  Saw no runners so either had finished or yet to take place.  Kept going – opting for the woodland trail then along the sandy trail back to the start and did the same again for the second circuit – One strange moment on one of the Up bits, felt as if there wasn’t enough oxygen in the air and head told legs to walk, once at the top of the incline everything was okay again.  Most odd.  Didn’t’ occur again.  Then down the other side and home.  Lots of ‘mornings’ but not so many out and about today as last week – perhaps everyone is ‘tapering’ for the Hackney Half next week. 

About 50 something mins  maybe 4.7 miles ish.

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