Week 9 Continuing

Posted on: 19 Jan 2014

Four runs achieved.  Sorry this is going to be a bit of an epic.  So the executive summary follows:

Tuesday 40 mins run – Crystal Palace park, Weather cold but sunny

Thursday  40mins ‘speed bursts’ for want of a better phrase – Alexandra rec Park, Damp and Chilly.

Saturday – Dulwich parkrun – Vin visited,  bit damp but good meet.

Sunday – 1hr Managed 4.5 miles, cut run short as not feeling too brilliant.

Tuesday 14th Jan.  Steady 40mins (week 9).  Left a bit later than normal (8.20am) so headed up to Crystal Palace park.  Went straight up the top (just under the pylon) 

and then zig zagged down.  Some of the paths were a bit frosty and so slippy, but I was careful.  A couple of the dog walkers bid a good morning to me which was nice.  The weather although cold was glorious.  Snapped the pylon and took a shot of the area where the new palace may be in a year or two.

Thursday 16th Jan ‘speed bursts’ don’t really know what to call them.  Suppose to be running fast for 3 mins at a time, not gonna happen.  So headed over the Alexandra rec park (the long way round) and so getting in a ‘warm up’ and ran around there, best I could.  Damp and chilly but bright. Lots of dog walking going on in the park as well as some drain cleaning. Picked a bin (pointer) and set off at a brisk pace.   Made it about a quarter way around the shorter circuit before walking (possibly closer to a whole minute before walking)..

Walked back to the 'start' and repeated.  Made it a bit further round the second and third time (at this point I nearly gave up coz my knees and lower legs were beginning to hurt more so than before, but I thought "would Our Big Dave (HWD) give up? Would he ‘eck as like!  He'd just go harder and faster to spite it". So I gritted my teeth and went round again, albeit a bit slower but I managed to get further around the circuit, even managed a slow jog after the 'walking' bit back to the start.

Tthe final two circuits were quite slow by comparison but I wasn't feeling too good.  Managed to hobble home. Think my runkeeper said the pace was the fastest this week at 13.49mins a mile (sent me a congrats message!). My pedometer said the pace was 6.2km/ph which is a smidge faster than average for me. Hoping this pain will have gone before Saturday (having another rest day tomorrow in preparation)

Satuday 18th Jan – Parkrun day.  Bit late leaving but managed to find a parking spot and walked around to the start, keeping a look out for Vin in his orange wig.  Couldn’t see him but got a tap on the shoulder as I walked past him (without his wig) – travelling light apparently.  After a brief hug and catch-up, I gave him the SP of the course and left him to his run.  (He was within 10 seconds of his PB – knew he’d do well there).  He’ll probably smash it if he comes back next week (Norman Park might still be flooded).  Even more runners than last week (another record for Dulwich).  But my news is that I’ve finally managed to get in the 33’s which I’ve been trying to do for like ages!  Finally got a new PB and not only the best for Dulwich also bettered my St Albans PB which had been 34.06.  New PB: (drum roll please):  33.38 so I’ve been smiling all morning. Could say it was the ‘speed work’ but personally I think it was because Vin was there.  He came back for me in the true RealBuzz spirit and jogged me to the finish.  Encouraging me the whole time instructing me to ‘breath deeply before the final push for home”– he should change careers and become a Personal Trainer – he’d be brilliant.  I even managed a sprint finish – briefly felt a bit sick again as I got past the finish but managed to hold it together.  When asked how I’d got on I proudly proclaimed – I wasn’t last this time!  8 people came in after me so thats almost another record.  Simply super to see Vin fingers crossed he can come again next week, just need Nick to visit now. 

New Year resolution is to volunteer after a PB but if Vin comes next week I’ll hold off on that until he’s back in Norman Park and then I’ll volunteer at Crystal Palace – at least I can walk it there and they never seem to have enough people whereas Dulwich seems to overflow with helpers.

Sunday 19th Jan.  Weather a little overcast and damp underfoot.  Set out a bit later than planned and headed up the hill.  Started to feel tired (wondered if  the parkrun had taken it out of me yesterday?) and my leg started to ache (calf muscle?) again half way up, but ploughed on up.  On the flat along the top my tummy started to churn a bit so started making detour routes in my head. Once I’d made it safely down to Sydenham I headed for home.

I’ll try for Bromley next weekend. Feel a bit of a failure as that’s two weeks now when I haven’t managed to complete the route I’d planned.   I’m hoping it’s something stupid like my socks being too tight! (they had made marks, I’ll make sure they are loose and baggy ones next week)

Thanks for reading.  Good luck to all in their training next week and keep blogging.  I may not comment but I do enjoy reading them.  Thanks x

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