Week 6 Taper and mini target race

Posted on: 14 Dec 2013

Sunday 8th Dec – 90 mins comfortable – still on a high from the St Albans Parkrun yesterday, I went to Kelsey Park in Beckenham for a couple of circuits.  Left home later than planned so hadn’t had breakfast.

This Park is definately one of my favourites (one half is dogs allowed the other half isn't) - saw a fat cat watching the ducks which tickled me in the no dogs half). Felt a bit grim on the way back but made it home on time.  Think I may have been dehydrated.  Ate a small breakfast and drank plenty but only felt a bit better by the evening. Total - 10.2km

Monday 9th Dec – Easy recovery 30 mins – still not feeling too good so as not to disrupt the programme made use of the WII Fit step and just ‘walked’ at a steady pace for close on 25 mins.  Started new job today, so had to take the train up to Camden Town.

Tuesday 10th Dec – Brisk 20-25mins, still not feeling quite right so again made use of the Wii Fit, this time ‘jogged’ on the spot for 20mins – got the top place on the programme!  Then followed up by a ‘brisk’ 10 minute walk to the train station.  Legs ached in the evening.

Thursday 12th Dec – Steady 45mins.  Just couldn’t get out of bed today, as new job start time is 1pm, decided to go up to Crystal Palace Park about 10am.  Weather was a bit chilly and overcast but it was bright.  Achieved a large circuit of the outer perimeter and followed up by a smaller one on the inner part.  Arrived home just a few seconds after the 45mins.  Quick turnaround and then another brisk walk to the station up the road. Total 5.1km

Sat 14th Dec – Programme suggested a super slow 15 mins but it’s parkrun day, so I opted for the Sunday session – 10k race.  Not exactly as scheduled but close enough.

Parkrun 5k 35.34mins (last through the finish again)  Had 3 wheelchair racers joining us today. Nothing much of note, except  I think I saw one of the chaps ‘give up’.  I’m assuming he was on his final lap (I still had two laps to go), but he seemed to walk for a bit then started running again, then after throwing his arms up in the air he turned around and started walking back the way he’d come. He didn’t appear to be injured just very cross with himself – obviously he hadn’t achieved the objective he’d set himself, but I couldn’t understand why he’d give up?   I had a good finish, then after a short recovery I set off for my second 5k.

There still seemed to be a few parkrunners about on my first lap (like me, finishing off their times/distance).  Had a very short walk section between laps.  Was amused by a chap attempting to jump up at a tree to grab a lone leaf hanging off a branch.  Second lap around, the park appeared to clear (accept for the football training).  The chap was still jumping up at the tree on my second walking section, but he was just getting his fingertips to the leaf.  Third circuit the park started filling up with families and dog walkers and I noticed the leaf and the chap were both missing when I finally finished my third circuit.  Walked back to the train station, but felt as if I’d borrowed someone else’s legs.  Very tired but satisfied.  Total times combined: 77mins.  So I now have a target to beat for my next 10k!

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