My Birthday Weekend (including a Half Marathon)

Posted on: 03 Mar 2014

My weekend started on Friday with a journey up to Warwick.  Had a quick look round the museum and then found a wonderful shoe shop and got a new pair of boots (which was useful as my shoes had been leaking and I’d forgotten to pack my walking trainers).

Saturday we went round the castle (very impressive), then onto a church in the middle of nowhere to visit a grave (relative of Hubby’s) but we couldn’t find it, so left our ‘offering’ (a sweetie), by the gate and waved a general goodbye to the whole graveyard.

Then onto the surprise hotel for my Birthday – Coombe Abbey in Warwickshire – Wow – what a place.  Declined the reserved dinner place for 9.30pm and headed downtown to the TGI Fridays instead.  Had to wait 45 mins but still back to the hotel by 8.30pm and an early night.

 Enjoyed a full breakfast: small bowl of muesli with some toast, followed by egg, bacon, sausage, hash brown, beans and mushrooms (Hubby suggested I’ll be throwing that up later).  But it was delicious – not sure if it’s what I was suppose to have but it’s what I fancied!

Hubby insisted that hitting the road by 9.30am should be time enough to get to Silverstone despite my protestations – we eventually parked about 11.10am so a little late.  I grabbed my stuff and left my two at the loos and legged it over the bridge.  Changed and dumped my bag, then found the shortest queue to a ladies then headed over to the start with 5 mins to spare!  Phew!  Got a bit confused by the ‘expected finishing time starting’ positions as no-one appeared to be there.  So I made my way up to the back of the back (as per a parkrun).

As I got there a very sweet lady approached me confirming who I was, referring to RealBuzz, and said she’d been following me on here but hadn’t blogged herself.  I rather foolishly forgot to ask her her name but she said she’d recognised me by my number!!!.  She was running with her daughter and she had been training since April last year so well done you.  (Assuming  you are reading this) and I hope you both finished with times that you are happy with.  We wished each other well and set off separately.

The first four miles seemed okay (even had a little dance at the 3 mile mark to the sounds of the steel drums), then the wind hit with a vengeance.  I slowed down to a walk after grabbing a water (haven’t yet mastered the skill of running  and drinking at the same time – I feel as if I’m drowning).  Then started jogging along again.  I have no idea of pace but I was passing lots of people walking so hoped I was doing okay.  Nose was running faster than me though, but I had packed my sleeves full of tissues so was okay on that score. 

After the 9 mile mark I took time out for a comfort break – I’m of the opinion that running is a marvellous laxative!  (I’ll say no more).  Took a little while to get started again as I’d stiffened up and had got really cold.  But after a little fast walking I managed to get into my stride again.  Not sure I liked those really sweet fizzy drinks – they made me burp and I found them too sweet but I never turn a freebie down so I  grabbed a couple of those along the way as well as a water each time.  But really only took a couple of mouthfuls each time – terrible waste I know but I didn’t appear to be the only one.

Didn’t manage to run the whole route, think I may have walked about ¾ of mile in total.  Managed to have a little sprint at the finish line coming in under the clock at 2:58:something but my official time was (drum roll please) 2:52:35 so I was over the moon that I’d finished before the 3 hour mark (even after a stop).

Got met at the finish by my hubby and daughter (who drove us to our premier inn) – fastest she’d ever driven – 50mph!  Once in our room I sunk into the deepest bubble bath (with arnica soak) for 50 luxurious minutes, where I ate a crème egg and finished my freebie drink!

Am now looking forward to the Run Hackney Half Marathon in June – Bring it on!

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