Parkrun number 29 - 31st May - St Albans

Posted on: 31 May 2014

Journey wasn’t too brilliant (set off at 7am) but got there in the end and at the time I’d hoped to.  Marc met me at the barriers resplendent in Orange – how did I miss him?

Nice car – soon at the park.  Public facilities locked!!  Stood staring at the padlock then gave the door a tentative push – definitely locked!   Met Jane and Mark then sneaked off to use the café loo.

New girl on the Marshall job today (she could do with a megaphone).  Lots of tee shirts to hand out (only one taker).  Then we were off!  Could hear the church chiming in the distance (Or was that HWD shouting from his shop?).  Everyone seemed to be surging around me but being a pedantic sort I stuck to my usual pace (well maybe a hint faster as St Albans starts with a decline towards the lake).  Nice to see friendly Marshalls in prominent places and they all give you encouragement which on the second and third trips round are very gratefully received!  Managed to avoid the muddy puddle and thought to myself that that wasn’t as bad as Marc had made out.  A little further on I came across the actual muddy bit – I decided to go around (involved a short detour around the tree up and down the incline to get back on the path). 

Well that was circuit one – just two more to go.  Actually noted the two swans on the 2nd circuit and not sure but I think I may have passed Mark about there.  Was following a chap who looked a lot like him but wasn’t too sure (it had been him – I checked afterwards).  Decided there were still lots of fast runners about so took the detour around the muddy puddle again (didn’t want to get my nice new trainers mucky or in anyone’s’ way!).  Our Marc passed me along this stretch – shouted encouragement then vanished into the distance.

Then onto the 3rd circuit – beginning to flag a bit but still felt ‘comfortable’.  Had a couple behind me having a conversation!  How do people do that?  I have enough trouble sucking in oxygen not to waste it in chitter chatter!  Decided to ring the changes this time around and braved ‘the wall’ to get around the muddy puddle – was a bit nervous I’d fall into the lake but went carefully and made it across okay.  At this stage I started to visualise the hill up and the long drag to the finish – at least it didn’t come as a nasty  surprise this time. 

Was just beginning to think this is harder than it looks should I start easing up a bit then Marc came running towards me and with his help we made it up the incline (Jane came back too, briefly, then she carried on back for Mark).  Our Marc stuck with me all the way to the finish (big THANK YOU for that).  I really thought I was going to throw up at the end but managed to control myself (no Dave to hold me up this time I had to do it myself).  Mark then finished and collapsed on the ground – I knew if I’d done that I’d never have got up again.  Once we’d encouraged an acquaintance of Jane’s over the line (she’d gone back again) we all posed for a snapshot then headed over to the café for a well earned cup of tea.

Marc was soon called away to help with the results (he let his tea get cold – now that’s dedication for you!).  Then Mark and Jane left (shopping called) and once Marc had finished he kindly gave me a lift back to the station.

Much easier journey home (whilst at the station I got the text with my time)

30.41 (smashed my old pb to smithereens [was 32.01]) so well over the moon.  Think I’ll go again – maybe in December?  Well I hope that sub 30 5k is suitably nervous – I’m coming for you.. be afraid.. be very afraid…

Hope everyone else had a brilliant time at their parkruns today.  (and many thanks to Jane for that lovely photo of us all.  I’ll be adding it to my photos  -  Love to Roxy – missed her).

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