One run last week.

Posted on: 27 Jan 2014

Been resting up this week to give my leg a chance to improve.  (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it).

Saturday 25th As per my new year’s resolution, as I achieved a new Parkrun PB last week (with Vin’s help – thanks – finally got into the 33’s).  I had attempted to contact the Crystal Palace parkrun to offer my services as volunteer but by Friday night hadn’t received any acknowledgment so decided to head up there on Saturday morning instead.  Watched two ‘officials’ start the run off and then introduced myself.  They didn’t know if anyone else was needed so they took me off to the finish (a short walk away) and I was assigned ‘marshall’ and given a clipboard and pen.  I was to make a note of anyone whose finish token or bar code didn’t work.  At least I felt useful.   Everyone seemed very friendly (as always).  The runners had to work very hard as there is a hill in this parkrun.  I was very impressed by a youngster who finished in the top 10, someone commented as she went through the first time “there goes a future athlete”.  At the end when asked her age she said: 14. 

The only blot was a blob of a man who strolled along the narrow pathway getting into everyone’s way whilst talking on his mobile and walking alongside his partner (pushing a pram) commenting loudly “other people use this park as well you know”.  I won’t tell you what I was thinking as I’d probably be struck off this website!  But a most unpleasant character.

Sunday 26th Still not following my programme but after reading some of the blogs last week I felt inspired to go for the ‘double-figures’ again.  So after a small bowl of porridge and a cup of green tea, I set out in the early morning at 7.45am and headed up towards Crystal Palace.  Across to Kirkdale and down the hill etc etc.  Upshot is, I did it, I made it to Bromley through Sydenham and Catford then home through Beckenham.  Total: 11.06 miles, time 2.15 hours.  Along the road to home I noticed my feet dragging along the pavement, but still managed a short ‘sprint’ at the end of the run (I use the term loosely).  Still not sure how these figures work but the average pace was listed as 10.51min/mi and Elevation Climb was 679ft.  Mile 3 was listed as my best (going down a hill?) and mile 7 my worse (must have been going up a hill).

Weather held off until I got home then basically rained for the rest of the day.  I went back to bed when I got home and snoozed until about 1pm.  Still walking like an old old lady today, but it’s a good ache/soreness, so I’m not complaining.

I did stop once to snap this photo – it’s a rubbish shot but I think you can make out what it is..

It’s a white squirrel – I’ve never seen one before.

Anyway, Good luck to everyone in their training this week, keep blogging.

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