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Posted on: 01 Apr 2014

I was thinking (“Don’t strain yourself Harry”) This Marathon training is beginning to sound a lot like giving birth.  I remember with great clarity, the discussions regarding the birth, writing up the birthing plan, talks with the midwife about the whole thing and fine tuning etc.  In all those months in the run up to the birth no one said a thing about afterwards.  I was completely stumped after the actual event I had no real idea on handling my precious daughter, I had to be instructed on breast feeding, bathing and changing her.  So my question is:  What are your plans for after the VLM2014 then?  Anyone fancy the new Run Hackney Half in June?

I still want to run the VLM but it’s not my time this year (I’ll keep trying though).  Still thinking about the Snowdon one in 2016.  Still I digress.  As part of my half marathon training I have started ‘Cross Training’ which is probably a bit different from most other cross training and may be looked down on by most serious runners but hear me out.

Some time ago I purchased a ‘game’ for our WII (the old one) Called EA Active which I used to increase my activity from the WII Fit plus software (I felt it was no longer much of a challenge).  From there I invested in Active 2 which came with a heart rate monitor to use with the WII but it stayed in its box (after an initial ‘go’) as I gained the confidence to go out onto the streets and run in public. 

The new program from RunCoach called for Cross Training so after a little think, I dug out the Active 2 and fired it up.  ‘Signed’ up for the 9 week programme on the Hard Setting and have just finished phase 1.  Each session is about 30+ mins long and is probably closely related to circuit training.  It came with a large rubber band with handles to use in the weight training exercises but mostly is running, jumping, and lunging on the spot, with variations on the theme. (Each session breaks down into a warmup, followed by a mixture of cardio, weight related training and other aerobic exercises followed by about 3-4 core training items and finally a cool down).  I do enjoy the boxing sessions the best, but it includes football and other sports.  I guess you get out of it what you put in and I work as hard as I can every session (4 a week). 

This leads me onto my regular Parkrun in Dulwich each week.  I’d been trying to break into the 33’s for quite some time and finally made a PB back in January with 33:38.  15th March saw another PB of 33:11 which I very pleased with and promptly volunteered the following week.  This week I broke into the 32’s!  I’m still reeling from the shock as I wasn’t even ‘going for it’ but my time this week was: 32:39.  So thank you EA Active – wonder if I can break into the 30’s by the end of this 9 week challenge?

Finally a huge Good Luck to everyone running in the VLM. I am still hoping to get along the route somewhere to cheer you all on.

Just wanted to share a photo from Silverstone:

Coming into the finish


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