Posted on: 25 Aug 2015

If I hadn’t been titling my blogs with weekly countdown numbers this one would be called “ A pain in the arse”

I’ve had a pain in the lower back, arse, hamstring and calf for three and a half weeks now and its not getting any better. It makes you realise how lucky you are as an injury and illness free person.

My pain is caused by the sciatic nerve being impinged by the lower vertebrae, bending forward is not an option any more, sleeping has been difficult and disrupted. I have even greater respect for those who run with acute pain due to persistent or ongoing problems. Constant pain is not nice and its tiring too, I’ve been doing less activity but I’ve been more knackered! Yesterday I decided to not take to pain killers to see how it was and paid the price, the bottom of my leg felt like was in cramp all day and I walked around like a 90 year old !

I went to see the osteopath last Thursday, he pulled and manipulated me but its not done much good really, he said expect it to take 4 – 6 weeks until things feel better. He also diagnosed some problem with my left fibula which is very “ mobile” at the top end, I have been feeling a lot of tenderness there for a while but put it down to dodgy knee ! He did say that if I kept a good upright posture then short jogging is better than inactivity, nothing too intense or undulating though. I was also advised to strap the top of the left calf or wear compression sock or bandage to hold the fibula firmly into place.

I’ve been acutely aware of the proximity of both York and Snowdon and my inability to train has been frustrating, the Angus plan has gone out the window and I’m following the Marc plan ( without the decathlons etc ) more accurately. The Sunday before last despite Jill telling me not to I got up took the painkillers and did 15 miles, this Sunday I did 10 miles. Both runs were done to prove that running is still possible and to give me some satisfaction and a bit of belief, I was vey stiff the following days but nothing terrible. I’ve not done any midweek tempo or speed run because  I don’t feel able to lift my pace without significant pain down the length of my hamstring and down my calf. I’ve stretched and walked and been swimming to compensate a bit.

Sorry its been a bit of a moan , I know pretty much everyone on here has had their share of injuries and many are far worse than what I’ve got but you all know how frustrating it can be so I’m sure you’ll forgive me.

I’m still really hoping to be able to run both York and Snowdon in October and seeing how many of you have come back from set backs gives me much hope and optimism that the croc suit will get an outing and I’ll be the proud owner of another Welsh slate coaster in 8 weeks .

I walked a little of the Pen y Pass section of the Snowdon course on Saturday, it was grey and pouring down but still felt special, brought back memories of last year and a surge of excitement for this years race. Thinking of times and PB’s are not on my agenda right now but being part of a running weekend and the special shared experience are things that I really don’t want to miss out on. I’ll stay patient and hopeful and with luck will report back with better news next week.

I’m in Exeter this weekend , Hamish is competing in an exciting climbing event which takes place on a climbing wall built outdoors over the quay, the climbers are without ropes and when they fall they plunge into the water. It was a huge success with big crowds in its first year last year. I will make sure that we pack red t-shirts, shorts and running shoes and we will run together on Saturday, how far will depend on the back, hopefully a 5 or 10k with the boy. The Oggie run is not to be missed and the cause is so very worthy and puts a bad back firmly into perspective.

A few of you are running a long, long way further than that and I wish you all the best and hope that you have all things on your side and can knock off each mile until the finishing line is crossed and someone hands you a medal.  Batons and virtual batons to all of you who run or walk this weekend, smile through the sweat !


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