Born Lazy I guess

Posted on: 03 Feb 2014

Why do I not run every day?  I love it once I’m out there, but I’m so good at making excuses not to go...  It’s too  cold, it’s raining, , it’s too dark, my gear isn’t washed, look at the time it’s too late to go out now.. etc etc etc.  Yet once I get my old carcass out the door it all melts away and I just enjoy the freedom and even the aches and pains (I’m alive).   I’ve no explanation for it, am I so very lazy or do I need another target to aim for?  Answers on a postcard please….

I digress.  Saturday the sun was sort of shining so I headed over to the Parkrun in Dulwich – enticed over by the promise of cake (the run organiser was leaving for a different parkrun).  First run of the week (see above excuses amongst others).  But once that ‘GO’ went – I did and it felt soooo gooood.  Took a while to warm up (as usual) but overtook one of the girls on the final lap (didn’t see her finish – hope she didn’t give up because of me!)  Gave chase at the end to one of the elderly ladies whose rather good – didn’t catch her but didn’t expect to but followed her in within 5 seconds and she came up and shook my hand.  Both too out of breath to say anything but that gesture meant a lot.  No PB but was within a second of my St Albans record so I was well chuffed (I was holding myself up and not about to throw up – so that’s an improvement!).  The cake was tasty too.  Three ladies came in after me so not last either!

Sunday, just went for a little run around in Crystal Palace Park – the sun was shining and the sky was blue (sounds like a cue for a song!).  Went round twice (4.5 miles in 55 mins).  Even managed a little sprint on one of the flat straights which always gives me a tingle of excitement.   So what’s my excuse today?  I could come up with a huge list but boils down to laziness I guess.  Perhaps I’ll break the mould and will get out there  tomorrow.

Good luck to everyone in their training this week.

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