Week 5 Mid-schedul peak and St Albans Parkrun

Posted on: 07 Dec 2013

Week 5 Mid-Schedule Peak

Rested Wednesday as per the program.

Thursday Time Trial 20-25mins
Now as I had replaced the previous time trial session with a parkrun I thought I’d head over to Crystal Palace Park at 6.30am to have a go around the small track (see how many times I could go around in the 20mins).

Unfortunately it was pitch black and I couldn’t even see the path and guess who’d forgotten to take a torch.  Plus for some reason I got really scared.  Made it around 3 times and even though the sky was just beginning to lighten I headed home as quickly as possible wishing I had never gone out that morning.

Friday was suppose to be a steady 50mins but as I had planned to head over to St Albans on Saturday, I gave this one a miss.  Plus, I was still feeling spooked following yesterdays trip out.

Saturday (rest). St Albans Park Run

In actual fact I was on the 7am train heading towards Blackfriars to meet up with Vin to travel to St Albans.  Everything went to plan until we got to the barriers at St Albans.  I’d used my Oyster card not realising that they aren’t on that system and with no other card or means of ID I was in a bit of a pickle – but HollywoodDave came to my rescue (all he needed was a white horse), and a return ticket was purchased.  BIG THANK YOU AGAIN.

A comfortable trip by car to the Park (and a short comfort break).  We waited for the others to show up and Dave disappeared to change into his microscopic orange shorts.  Vin produced his brilliant orange wig with flashing santas hat  and his ‘real buzzer on tour’ t’shirt , Roxy introduced herself to everyone and eventually we had all assembled (Bex, Jane, Marc, TheBandit, Rob & Parkrun legend Nick).

As we started to ‘3-2-1- Go’ a shout of “Oggie, Oggie Oggie” went up towards the heavens heading over to Ireland and our collective thoughts and best wishes went with it.

As always I started at the back so missed all the excitement (see Nicks blog) but plodded around at my usual pace.  Got a bit concerned by the leaders overtaking us slowcoaches around the lake, didn’t want to get in their way so tried to stay to one side.  Had the usual moment when everyone appeared to be heading off the track to the finish but I had another circuit to perform.  So carried on around.  I had the feeling I wasn’t last this time though and that thought kept me going.  Then as I was just beginning to flag, an army of Real Buzzers emerged from the finishing area coming towards me back up the track and all took up station at a corner each and it was fantastic.  I’m getting tearful thinking of it now, but it was amazing.  The regiment of RB’ers came to help me on my way, up the hilly bit and along the straight to the finish (which incidentally appeared to be getting further away the closer we got).  HWD kept giving me times and encouraging me, even Roxy came to help and then suddenly the rest of the battalion was there and it was the finish. 

Yes, another PB to add to the others, this time by 45seconds.  THANK YOU ALL I COULDN’T HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU.  I only discovered later that HWD had actually taken the number just after me so the Unknown on the results is him (he really is such a sweetie).   Just check out the list following me!!  11 people and all bar 2 are younger than me and two unknowns (not counting HDW).

So I’ve been on a bit of a high today, and can’t wait to get out tomorrow morning for my 90mins comfortable jog around.

Thursdays session has been exorcised and will never be mentioned again.

Just been having a look at my times and my first parkrun on 10th Aug '13 was 40.13, today’s was 34.06.  If I can break into the 33 mins before the New Year I'll be over the moon.

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