What's the Big Bag for?

Posted on: 19 Feb 2014

My Silverstone half marathon  pack has arrived and with it the most enormous bag!  Does anyone know what it’s for please?

Training has been taking a bit of a dive lately so I dug out the old programme and counted back from the ‘event day’ and picked it up from Week 10.  So I’ve been out a few times since, including the last long run for 120 mins (aim for 130) – I managed 2 hours 4 minutes travelling 9.6 miles which included a couple of suburban hills.  Still felt shattered but was able to jump in the shower and grab a double fried egg on toast before I crashed out on the bed (seems to be becoming a bit of a habit). Weather was gorgeous and I went a completely different route – along to Catford then towards Dulwich through Forest Hill, round the park (didn’t make it to the ParkRun on Saturday) then home up the hill and over at Crystal Palace.

That was Sunday, Saturday was a different story.  Mum was due back from her cruise so I ‘popped’ over in the car to set the slow cooker up for the evening but realised I hadn’t ordered enough meat for all of us, so instead of going to the parkrun I jogged down to the Co-op in Sydenham and back (lost my hat twice in the wind), a friendly road sweeper attempted to catch it the first time but I out ran him!!  So that was closer to the programme than I had planned (10 mins easy it said).  Took about 10 mins there and 10 mins back.

Monday’s suggestion said:  20 mins easy which turned into a half hour in front of the WII fit ‘jogging’ on the spot.  I find I bounce on my toes rather than a proper heel/toe action but I was still dripping at the end so I counted it.

Finally a nice 40 mins in the park yesterday – said so many ‘mornings’ I lost count – dog walkers and fellow joggers (one lady – twice).  Weather was cool and damp but at least it didn’t rain.

Which brings me back to Silverstone.  In the brochure they suggest I select my own starting position – and be realistic – it said.  I simply want to finish as it’s my first with no preconceptions or expectations so where do I start?  Mind you I’m disappointed by the fact I’ve only managed to raise a measly £21 for the Children’s Air Ambulance – they won’t be asking me to run for them anymore!

Looking forward, I have just signed up for the new Run Hackney Half Marathon in June and I told them I was expecting to finish in 3 – 3.15 hours so onwards and upwards (to borrow a well known expression!)

Oh and after that I’m down for the British 10k in July.  

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