First Anniversary – 30th June

Posted on: 17 Jun 2014

On the 30th June it’ll be my first anniversary – the first day I had my first ever ‘run’.  Encouraged by a twitter friend who had completed the London Marathon that year.

In my first blog I detailed my 15mins round the park in the warm sunshine at 7.20am.  It’s true, sometimes going back makes one realise how far you have come (if that makes sense?).

On Sunday I’ll be heading off to take part in my second ever half marathon, the first Hackney Half (fully intend entering for next year).  Very much looking forward to catching up with HWD himself.  (Hope I can spot him in the crowd).

Confession time:  I have been rather lazy this week.  Mon and Tues both rest days.  Just couldn’t face the ‘pace’ run that was scheduled (am I bad?).  Hopefully I’ll get my act together tomorrow – really quite fancy a crunch and core session with the WII – “a little of what you fancy does you no harm..” my old Mum used to say…  But very aware of the fact I haven’t done anything over 8 miles since March.  Drawing strength from Hollywood D as usual. 

The race is due to start at 9am from Hackney Marsh (link to the PDF map follows: 

If the sun is hot I’ll probably still be plodding around at 12pm!  Just hope Dave doesn’t give up on me and legs it home.

Am hoping some of our London based Buzzers will be able to pop along to cheer us on too.

Just wanted to finish by mentioning my Twitter friend again.  He is running a 2.7 marathon this weekend from Carlisle to Newcastle over 2 days.  He has organised a raffle on behalf of MND and MacMillan Cancer Support and the two main prizes are football and rugby related.  £1 a ticket for anyone interested the link is here: Virgin Money Giving Page.

Thank you and safe running.

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