Two days of training

Posted on: 11 Feb 2014

Another slow week training wise.  But headed over to Dulwich park for the parkrun on Saturday.  Turned into quite a nice sunny day weather wise (only started raining on the way home).  No gold medals (or PB’s) this time, quite a sedentary pace.  Passed a youngster and told him not to give up.  He seemed to be dragging his feet.  A little while later (and not too far from the finish) he past me by with (I assume) his Father jogging alongside him.  I gave him a good headstart then we both seemed to put on a spurt at the same time.  His Dad just managed to leap out of my way as we hit the finish line (he was 1 second ahead of me).  I thought he’d done brilliantly so after I’d been ‘scanned’ I tapped him on the shoulder and offered my hand with a ‘well done’.  He accepted my gesture and both his parents seemed pleased. 

Sunday I headed out for a long slow run.  Didn’t have a time or distance to aim for, just wanted to go as far as I could.  Headed up to Crystal Palace but this time I went left at the top and ran into new territory.  Bit blustery on the top but I soon headed down to South Norwood park (with a lake).  Then onto the high street and found myself in South Norwood country park (flat, open with lots and lots of cold muddy puddles).  Both feet got a drenching.. Followed my nose and came out in Elmers End so made my way up to Kesley Park, where I had a short walk, checked my distance (6.6miles) and had a sip or two of water (first time I’d take water on a run before).  Decision time upon leaving the park – Left and head for home, Right towards Bromley and home the long way round?  I went Right.

Long slow jog up and down the lower hill towards Shortlands, at the bottom of the hill into Bromley I had another walk, distance check (8.6miles) and another sip (or 10) of water.  Walked to the top of the hill and found it really hard to get started again.  Managed it eventually and headed back down the road towards Catford.  At the bottom I had to have a rest, my legs had started to complain so I gave them a little stretch.  This is were a little old lady approached me all concerned for my well-being (bless her).  I assured her I was okay and she carried on and so did I but slower.  (11.1 miles totalled so far).  Whatever I managed from that point was new ground distance wise. 

It amounted to about 1 more mile then I’m ashamed to say I could run no more.  My legs had both given up on me.  I walked (staggered more like) the final mile and half home looking like I had two plaster casts on.

Got home exhausted. Running Total: 2.38 hours for 12.06 miles. The Walk 1.33 miles in 27 mins.  So although  I didn’t manage 13 miles (my secret target) I did go as far as I could at the time. So I did achieve one target.

Anyway that’s not the end of the story.  After I crawled upstairs (fell asleep rolled up in the duvet) until 2pm, when I woke up for the rugby.  Gingerly got downstairs and my hubby and daughter were both ready to go visiting a relative.  I said I’d have a shower and join them after the rugby, then went out the back to the shower room.  (Which is out the back – where the outside loo once was).  To cut a long story short – I got locked out the back in just my dressing gown for 4 and a half hours until they got back.  Missed the rugby, was cold and very very hungry, as well as very stiff and achy having spent most of the time sitting on the loo (it has a cover thankfully).  Listening to the transistor radio (couldn’t find  any rugby commentary) drinking cold water out the tap and reading old magazines. 

So I’m not putting the weekend down as a good one.  Oh I suppose at least it didn’t rain on me.

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