Posted on: 10 Sep 2015

Still not much possitive to report this week I'm afraid. The pain hasn't really got any better and I'm still walking around like an old man. This weekend will mark 6 weeks since the onset of my bad back so I decided to book a doctors appointment.

I got back from seeing the doc 15 minutes ago, he's been our family doctor for over 10 years so he knows i dont go very ofter and when I do its because i really do need to be there. He described it as still an "acute" injury, my mobilty is virtually no existent in the lower back and my pain levels are around 8 or 9 on the pain scale. I have two types of tablet to take ( one strong anti-inflamatory, one pain relief specifically for nerve pain ). I'm also booked in for an MRI scan and an appointment with the musculo-skeletal department at the hospital. I told him theres a couple of marathons to run next month and he winced ! He said if they were this weekend or next weekend there would be absolutely no chance, but a lot can happen in a month ( those were his words I think or am I projecting ? )

I shall stay as optimistic as possible, there are many, many people with far worse problems, illnesses and injuries than mine.  This is a major annoyance but it will hopefully pass and theres still a chance for the York croc-suit and Snowdon double and I'm clinging on to that chance. Run happy everyone.

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