Posted on: 07 Apr 2016

Once again the time slips by. The clocks have moved forward, the days lighter and longer, daffodils blooming, birds singing with enthusiam!

Im here to wish every one of you who have been training while the conditions have been less than perfect and the days not quite so bright congratulations and very best wishes for their spring marathons ahead.

Whether youre running in Manchester, Brighton, Paris or London you have earned your right to those miles that await , they are yours to own and to run with pride and confidence. So if you are fit and ready then go and run hard and happy. Of couse there will be some who are sidelined, unable to  be where they want to be or do what they want to do. I hope you find patience and desire to build again. We have all experienced it and its no fun but overcoming these troughs is what makes success more fulfilling in the longer term. Stick with it, your time will come again.

As for me, their have been troughs too. Troughs that throw everything into perspective. Yesterday we sadly attended the funeral of our friend Jo. She was only diagnosed with an aggressive cancer last November and tragically died over Easter, 48 years old and three young children. She was a real do-er, always active and creative .  The funeral made me realise the importance on making life count. its the extra-ordinary things that we do that define us, our legacy is built upon the kindness we show to one another and the magic moments they we create through commitment to a cause or creative endeavour. 

My Cape Wrath run is drawing ever nearer. I'm working hard to put in the miles to build endurance and confidence ever wary or the seesaw that could tip me into injury through over training or foolishness. Averaging 50 miles a week and getting out onto rough ground to run as often as I can. More often than not im squeezing in miles between taking the kids to activities or pre - work: you all know how it is. Theres still work to do, I guess with a challenge like this no matter what you do it still doent feel like its enough!

Stay strong everyone, make it count - keep doing what challenges you ! 

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