Recent training (Christmas/New Year Period)

Posted on: 06 Jan 2014

A very Happy New Year to one and all.  Thank you for all your wonderful blogs, stories and comments.  I’ve been enjoying reading them all (just not so good at replying to them using my phone though).

Haven’t been getting out as much as I should, combination of laziness, weather, Christmas, New Job etc etc.  But the guilt has been growing steadily as well as the weight, so I feel I’ve gone back a few steps.  But not back as far as this photo that my hubby found on his camera the other day.  Warning: look away now if you are easily offended.

It’s become my official ‘before’ picture, the one taken just before I started jogging outside in public!  I said ‘blimey! I look about 6 month pregnant!  My dear daughter replied:  More like 15 months you mean.  Out of the mouths of babes…


Anyway, I digress.  I have been to two Park runs but didn’t make either the Christmas Day or New Years meet (first one I was told I couldn’t go as it would disrupt Christmas Day too much and New Year, because I’d drunk too much the previous night and didn’t want to drive ‘the day after)’.  No PB’s  just enjoyed them, not last in either so that was an improvement.

Have enjoyed a couple of long runs, one before the New Year and one last Saturday. 

29th December – weather cold but clear set out at 8am and headed to Kelsey Park – it looked truly beautiful blanketed with frost and sparkling in the wintry sunshine.   Completed a couple of circuits then bumped into my friend with her two dogs just as I was leaving – so had a bit of a natter before heading off towards Catford and Sydeham (walked carefully across an icy patch on the pavement) other than that a really good session.  Knocked up 10.5k in 1hour 36mins (which included the meeting).

3rd Jan – Really not keen on those ‘interval’ sessions so at 6.30am ended up just going up Crystal Palace Hill again, down the other side towards Sydenham, then crossed over the road and went back up on the other side of the road and then crossed back over and down the original way home.  4.8km in 43mins.   It started drizzling at some point on the way but didn’t really notice until I was almost home.  Found it quite refreshing.

4th Jan Saturday.  Had planned on attending the parkrun but found myself sitting in my gear watching the rain instead.  Eventually kicked myself out at 2pm and armed with my new phone application (RunKeeper- free) I headed back up Crystal Palace Hill and then down towards Dulwich park (3miles).  After a comfort stop (how nice when parks have loos that are actually open).  I fired  the application back up and started on the homeward section, but I felt all stiff and cold so in a weird rush of blood to the head, I suddenly hit the second gear and put my foot down and flew along for all of 30secs, then walked until I got my breath back and repeated this about 5 times completing 1 and a half circuits of the park.  The longest ‘fast’ bit I counted about 55 seconds.  Still don’t know what came over me but it warmed me up nicely.  Then I had the long slow trudge back up the hill and home, but this time I went up through Sydenham Woods (bit of a mistake if truth be told).  Jogged as far as I could then took the top bits at a steady walk as it was mostly thick mud.  It was really yukky.  My feet got soaked and my trainers got full of mud.  They felt really heavy thereafter.  The downhill  bit was good though – tried to relax into the flow as advised and it did seem to help.  Felt rather tired by this time so walked a bit and jogged a bit until I eventually got home.  Persuaded hubby to run me a nice bubble bath with lashings of arnica soak in it.    Totals:  7.69miles, 1 hr 43mins, Average Pace 13.27 min/mi, cals burned 778 elevation climb 571 feet.

Added bonus, all the Christmas decorations had been taken down including the tree whilst I was out.

Sorry I’ve rambled on rather a long time.  Good luck to each and everyone in their endeavours this year.

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