Posted on: 15 Aug 2014

I made sure that I got back on the programme with a serious week last week. All felt fine after the week off with food poisoning. 

This is how it went:

gentle recovery: 5m @ 8.14 ave

speed session : 7 x 800m @ 6.02 ave / 1 min rests between

Tempo run: 8m / 1.03.16 / 7.55 ave

long run: 15m / 1.59.28 / 7.54 ave

the long run was done in a place called the Great Orme in North Wales near Llandudno , a beautiful hilly route along the coast almond the beach in wind and rain and topped off with a swim in the sea in my running shorts. Better than an ice bath! My son was rock climbing on the sea cliffs with some top climbers so the rest of the day was spent refuelling and watching the climbing, a great day in Wales. 

The miles are starting to get big now so it's really time to commit to it and embrace it, it's been more of a struggle this time but I feel that there is progress of sorts. 

Well do to all those with recent PB's , they are rare and beautiful things so cherish them!

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