Posted on: 03 Jul 2014

Better late than never !

im suffering from a dose of running guilt and an even bigger one of blogging guilt. Does anyone else get that too? Keeping up to date  with the blogs and  finding time to make genuine comments can be demanding on time and recently I haven't had enough to do it properly. Sorry for those that I may have neglected this week.

The weekend was a busy one with Hamish competing in the national climbing finals up in Edinburgh.  More of that in his guest blog No. 2 in a few days. I won't spoil it for him!

my York marathon training programme fitted into a packed week but I got it all done.

speed session 8 x 400m done at an average of 5.30

5 mile tempo run in 36.12 averaging 7.14

And a conversational 10 mile run with a friend on a nice new route

+ 2 cross training sessions

We've got the Tour de France in York this weekend and the cityhas gone cycle nuts ! The shop is good and busy and there's a houseful of visitors to feed and look after. Where will I squeeze in that 12 miler ?

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