Posted on: 09 Jul 2014

Another week flies by, at this rate I'll be double lacing the trainers for York and Snowdon before I know it.

Despite the socialising and playing host to family for the Tour de France when it came to our city this weekend I managed to sneak in all my runs no problem. All done in the target paces that ive set myself too. There seems to be more effort expended per run than I remember from the same plan last year but I have a feeling thats its my mind conveniently forgetting the pain that I put my body through last time round! My calves are feeling tight too, a problem that I know that must be addressed now before it manifests itself as a bigger issue perhaps in my shins again.

The Tour brought a brilliant carnival atmosphere to the whole city. The shop was packed out from Friday onwards and we sold hundreds of the little hand painted die cast racing cyclists that I've been imposting from France. We also started custom painting them for people in whatever jerseys they wanted so I was kept busy with a tiny paint brush and a steady hand. We even got asked to make one in Garmin kit by the wife of one of the Tour riders, I had never heard of him but hes a rider called Andrew Talansky and is pretty good aparently!


Its a bit more settled this week so am going to enjoy not tail chasing and will try and enjoy the runs under more relaxed circumstances. Its my longest yet this sunday with 15 miles planned. I hope to hook up with Alaistair again soon for the longer Sunday runs, we did most of them together ahead of last years York marathon and it really helped.

I haven't forgotten about Hamish's guest blog about the National climbing finals and have mentioned it to him a few times but you know what kids are like ! He did say to tell Hollywood that he got up to 3.12 in the Bring Sall Up challenge though.

Have a good week everyone

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