Posted on: 26 May 2014

A beautiful bank holiday morning here and that time off day when everyone else is still asleep. I'm sitting in the sun with a cup of tea, even the dog hasn't bothered to get up.

I've been aware the the frequency of my own blogs has been erratic since the year started. I think the fact that I wasn't training for anything particular meant that my focus wasn't really on running for a few months and consequently I didn't really have anything interesting to put in a blog. I did enjoy following and commenting on the London marathon bloggers and had an amazing day watching the race in April.

The whole London marathon day shaped my mind and turned my attention to my own marathon(s) this year. When I decided to run a marathon five years ago the sole purpose was the challenge of the family record. Now that has been broken and is mine I intend to try and lower it again and at the same time hit the Boston GFA. Time of sub 3.25. I only need to take 26seconds off my PB  but it won't be easy because that PB didn't come easy. It will be a lot of hard work and dedication just for 26 seconds of time but that has to be my approach. I am not the kind of runner ( or person ) to just go and run the marathon solely for the experience or fun of it, I need a motivation, my golden carrot !

so, the target it sub 3.25 and then two weeks comes a marathon which is for the experience rather that the PB; Snowdon. I'm excited about both for very different reasons. Snowdon will be one to savour because the field will be littered with so many of you and I'm looking forward to running with you all. With goals and targets now set and only 20 weeks to go I started my training programme two weeks ago. The plan flatteringly known as "The Angus Plan " is actually an American plan called Furman First ( google it ) and I've adapted it a little to suit my own routine. There will only be three weekly runs ( speed, tempo and long )with two further days of cross training. One of these will be core work and the other will alternate between yoga and swimming or cycling.

I will also be slipping in regular Parkruns as those little bite size nuggets of weekly running have become part of my routine recently. I attempted a sub 20 for Bolty this week dressed in NASS orange but came up 10 seconds slow at 20.10. The week previously I had taken my son (12) Hamish along to try and break his own parkrun PB which stood at 21.22, he wanted a sub 21 so I paced him along with another friend who was also after sub 21. After 2 miles Hamish was going well but my mate John was tiring a bit, we met RB  Alaistair at the point who took Hamish the last mile or so while I stayed back with John. Hamish put on a really decent burst and got his reward a New 20.50 PB! John just missed out on 21.14. It must have helped Hamish as the following week he returned from school with a year record for the 800m of 2.50. I think hes going to be a guest blogger on here soon as he has to write three blogs for an English project and he's documenting his training, preparation and participation in his first European climbing comp as part of team GB in Austria next month,hope that's ok.

With York only 20 weeks away I did 13.1 last Sunday and 10 yesterday, pace is coming back and managed yesterday's 10 in 1.17 which was 2 minutes faster than the corresponding run on the plan last year. I have to look for little incentives and push that bit harder again this time around as I've set myself quite a tough target to beat, with Realbuzzers, brothers , cousins, work colleagues and friends all running in York I'm already beginning to relish the occasion. I will be letting you know the progress updates each week and promise that I won't be going away  I've said it before and it's worth repeating, this site gives me an accountability , it's an incentive to run harder when you know that you will be blogging about it and the support shown on here has got to knock all important seconds off your time on the road, track or hill. 

Finally, if you are reading this Mr Cyprus Bolt you have our total respect and admiration. Well done too to Viv who had to pull out of London due to illness but ran the Liverpool marathon yesterday. True RB spirit both of you.

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