Posted on: 17 Jun 2014

Last week for me was a more normal one, not so mush dashing around tail chasing. As a result I was able to catch up on some miles and complete my training runs in slightly more relaxed style. 

As I ran 12 miles on Sunday morning my thoughts of course turned to Bolty and what he was attempting. After one mile 11 miles felt like quite a long way still to run. I cant really imagine how it would feel knowing that you had 99 miles of running ahead of you. The human mind and willpower amaze me. There are people who set themselves seemingly impossible targets and are not satisfied until the job is done, for others the idea of running one mile is absurd, running 100 laughable, pointless, impossible.  

The question of "why we run" if often asked on this site, the answers are varied but there is a commonality to many answers. It gives us a sense of purpose, ahievement, freedom. Perhaps another question to ask is why do some push themselves to the limit, to the brink of what is possible for them? I am not capable of answering this question because, I'm not qualified to do so. There are perhaps only a few realbuzzers who can answer it but I would love to hear their answers, to learn what motivates and pushes the mind, body and spirit to the point of breaking. 

Mr Berlin Bolt if you are reading this I hope that you are feeling better and beginning to recover after the gruelling events of the weekend. When you feel ready to put finger to keyboard I am so looking forward to reading about the mental, physical and emotional battle required to complete a 100 mile challenge. I want to know why and how you did it because there are valuable lessons to learn about the human condition in there somewhere. Like many others who posted on Mandys blog I am in awe of the achievement and at the same time a little concernedabout how close to your limit you came this time. Without people like you horizons are not expanded but at the same time we need people like you amongst us so please take care of yourself!

The "guest blog" is on its way, part 1 + 2 done, part 3 under contruction. Will be posted this week. 

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