Posted on: 11 Jun 2014

Its got to the stage where the conquests and exploits of Realbuzzers no longer surprise me, I log on and I expect stories of incredible endurance, personal bests, comradeship and will to get better, faster, run longer. This week has been vintage, really inspiring and wonderful to read. Enough said.

Another interupted unning week for me, lower mileage than I need and another missed run. This time due to an extended trip to Imst in Austria for the International Youth Colours climbing competition. My son Hamish was competing and is going to "guest blog" this weekend so I wont give anything away!

When I have run its been hard work, Ive pushed myself because I know that I've missed a couple of runs so I want to make sure that the runs that I'm doing are quality ones. The speed session of 8 x 400m was done at 6min mile pace and the 8 mile tempo at 7.10 pace, hot and sweaty but satisfying. It was almost running as a form of punishment which isn't a good way to run! It did make me think though that sometimes I use the run that way. Its a kind of self flaggelation or confessional rolled into a run, an intense and  selfish opportunity to have a private word with myself. Run hard, feel satisfied.

The tales of off road and trail running from Bolty, Rob and Jim have really opened my eyes to new possibilities and a challenges. I am starting to lose a little desire for city marathons, the focus is generally about the time rather than the journey. I'm sure that If i put in the work and the mileage I could be capable of trimming off more seconds from my PB and there is some motivation to do that again but its a very blinkered way of running and in truth I find it a bit soulless sometimes. What was so brilliantly portrayed in the blogs mentioned above is a sense of adventure and thats whats got me excited again. Snowdon offers me the first taste of a marathon that will offer new experiences; the first marathon where I wont be chasing a PB but will experience dramtaic scenery,a demanding and spectacular route,hospitalty and cameraderie. I think these things are more meaningful and will give me greater pleasure in the future and I'm really grateful that my horizon has been broadened. Thank you Realbuzz.


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