Gauntlets,personal gauntlets and golden carrots.

Posted on: 27 May 2014

Good morning all.

Two posts in two days from me ! That kick up the backside has done the trick.

Many of you are already aware that I like to toss around the odd gauntlet. They serve as a little nudge to push you towards a target, I think some people respond well to the gauntlet approach, for others it may not be right and of course I totally respect that.

I'm aware that recently there has been a 5k challenge involving JWA, Jenny and Red Dave I think, its spurned a little good natured banter. Over the past year I have thrown gauntlets down to Gloshawk Jim, Oggie, Red Dave, Hollywood, Ali Hobs and probably many others. The problem is I can no longer remember what all of these challenges were!

For those that are interested, I have a little gauntlet idea; under each of our profiles we have a little ABOUT section, I propose that we use this section to list our gauntlets in, here they can be viewed by all and serve as a reminder of our goals and targets.

Perhaps we can set ourselfs personal gauntlets which are written listed here too. These of course will very hugely from runner to runner but each one will be a significant personal challenge. It could be to run three miles without stopping or it could be to run a sub 2 hour half marathon or to run an ultra marathon, it really doesnt matter. But by setting a target and recording it here on this site perhaps gives greater incentive to achieve it. These will be your personal gauntlets and once achieved should be recorded with a date etc. on your list to show that youve done it.

There is also the opprtunity to record the gauntlets issued by other buzzers here, if someone throws you a gauntlet to run a sub 24 minute parkrun then write it down on your Gauntlet list, who challenged you, what the challenge was AND MOST IMPORTANTLY when you smash the gauntlet and slap the gauntlet thrower round the face with said gauntlet ( there's nothing as satisfying as that ! ) By recording and updating these challenges it charts progress and improvement - even in the smallest of increments . If your mile PB is 7.06 then maybe your gauntlet could be to knock off that 6 seconds.

I am going to make some rather splendid Golden Carrots which will be awarded to the people whos gaunlet lists are most impressive at the end of the year. You dont have to be the fastest or capable of running the longest distances, it's more about personal goal setting and I am aware hat for some even walking a mile it not easy right now ( Hollywood, your gauntlet is to walk a sub 35 minute mile when you're ready ).

So, those of you who are up for it start issuing some guantlets ( which should of course be considered and realistic ) to yourself any anyone else who you think deserves one, there are some golden carrots up for grabs ( perfect invitation for smuty comments from Viv, Bolty ,Dave etc..)

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