Posted on: 18 Jul 2014

13 was nearly so late that it became 12,

a quick and belated catch up on last weeks training. As usual it was speed, tempo and long run in that order and here's the stats:

SPEED - 3 x 1600m ( 3.3miles total ) 1 min recovery. 20.45 = 6.17 ave per mile

TEMPO - 7miles @ ave 7.14  =50.45

LONG -17.5 in 2.22.09 ave 8.07

im still not quite feeling the running love but getting glimpses of it. It's been busy at home and work but now that schools out for summer the home routine gets a bit more relaxed so I can run at times to suit me so maybe running will feel more fun again.

i have a couple of employees who are also good friends and are running the York marathon too. They started training in January as it's their fiirst marathon, to start with they ran 10 min mile pace but are now running 8 min miles on their long runs. They are so dedicated and run each training run together before work barely ever missing a session. They've got fitter, thinner and faster and are 20 years younger than me and I can feel them breathing down my neck! They both want sub 3.30, There's some incentive to up my game!

This Sunday I run my first proper 10k race in Leeds, it quite a big event and I'm not sure what to expect. I hate the distance , it doesn't allow for any loss of momentum - pure speed and hard effort from start to finish, painful and twice as long as a parkrun! I might run with Ali or maybe on my own, my target was 44mins but Alaistair threw 42min gauntlet at me. I honestly think it's a little beyond me the way I'm currently running but a gauntlet must be accepted so I will try and cling on to 6.45 miles for as long as I can and see what happens. 

I will report back next week , have productive and happy weekends everyone.

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