Posted on: 07 Aug 2014

So where did 11 go ??

It went in I mad week of Family Olympics ( 4th place this year for me ) , camping in the British countryside and four days in bed with terrible food poisoning. I'm not sure what caused it as I was the only one afflicted but I don't want to have it again for a long long time. It's meant almost a week off running altogether and this week I'm taking the slightly tentative steps on the training plan again.I've completed an 8 and a 5 this week and can feel a lack off pace and a fatigue that wasn't there before. I'm going to be patient as there are 10 weeks to go and plenty of time to build things back up agaiN before York.

I will be in the Llanberis pass near mount Snowdon this weekend and will run my 15 miles on Sunday while my son climbs. It will be an introduction to the hills and terrain of the area and a taste of what lies ahead for the Snowdon marathon in October.

I've caught up on some blogs that I've missed over the last 12 days and salute you all. Special mention to Red Dave, sorry that I've come to it late but want you to keep the faith, 10 weeks is more than enough time for you to be in 3.45 shape for York. I hope that you are over this obstacle soon and are out on the road again and feeling fit and fast once more.

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