Four Elms and Bough Beech Reservoir Saturday 20th July

Posted on: 07 Sep 2013

Not sure I could wholeheartedly recommend this walk (Kent Rambers Walk 36) as there were paths blocked by manure, thick brambles and nettles, overgrown stiles, plus what appears to be major road construction right through the middle of the pathway!  (A note has been sent to the Kent Ramblers but to date we've had no response).

Apart from a 'nettled leg' and having to climb over a fence into a field (off the track) we actually quite enjoyed it. (Although a machete would have come in handy!) We both especially enjoyed the mug of tea at the visitors centre.

The closest we got to the reservoir:

One of the first shots of the walk (Morning Glory with dew):

An Orchid?

A Butterfly.

A very tall nettle. (Alan is 5' 11")

Alan climbing a stile for a change. (Ha ha)

The resevoir was a bit low! (made me think of the swamps in America).

Nice to find a church open on a Saturday.

The church.

I've just remembered that three quarters around we lost the second part of the map/instructions, so I volunteered to 'jog' back up the path to see if I could find it.  I did find it thankfully, we were about to go the wrong way back!

For all the negatives, we actually did enjoy this walk as it was a bit of an adventure with lots to see and do, but we're both a bit too old for climbing fences!

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