Cudham, Kent Saturday 3rd August 2013

Posted on: 14 Sep 2013

Cudham, Kent approx 4 miles

We had two possible walks in Cudham lined up, so headed off in the car and parked up an hour later to find we’d left the maps and walks behind, so that was a good start.

We decided to follow our noses.  Excellent start (clean, public loo by the cricket field).

Past the local Church.

Through some fields.

a wood

past a golf course,  then followed the signs to Downe, were we partook of an excellent  cream tea, with hot scones from the oven and a slice of cake.    

Then using the Sat Nav managed to find out way back to the car, fairly straight-forward and mostly on the flat.


Standard Butterfly shot (bit blurred though, it flew off a second later)

Once home used the map facility to try to work out our rough route.  We appeared to be following a standard circular walk in the area, but deviated off to take a short cut into Downe (probably a good job too as the official walk was about 9 miles long!)

Felt ‘short-changed’ so we decided we’d have to return to complete a proper walk at some point.

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