65 hours

Posted on: 19 May 2016

Counting down in hours now!

Next time I make a blog post it will be after Cape Wrath, a strange feeling knowing that next time I log in I will be doing so with a tale to tell of the biggest challenge of my life.

Ive been balancing the excitement with the nervousness and they cancel themselves out nicely, I'm feeling calm and about as ready as I could hope to be. As ready as i will ever be. 

My Cape Wrath countdown started at number 50, almost a year ago. For a year this one has been on my mind, its been a dot on the horizon that is now so close that soon I'll be feeling, smelling it , running through it. Its made me realise as the weeks have counted down how fragile things are and how prescious time is. the very sad recent events within this community of kindred spirits has brought this to the fore. We owe it to ourselves to make the most of it, to be the best we can be and enjoy what we have and not take to much of it for granted. In the last 50 weeks things have happened that I didn't forsee, could have imagined, some good some terribly sad.We never know whats in store. The miles that I have run have been a backdrop to these events, a time for reflection and solitude. Without looking too deeply into it I honestly think its changed me and I'm grateful that trail running has allowed or brought upon this change. I'm sure the week ahead with shape me again, I'm not sure how but I know it will!

Ultimately CW is just a run, a long run. I keep putting one foot in front the other in a northwards direction, each step taking me nearer to the finish. The obstacles and difficulties that get in the way I will do my best to overcome but if they arent then so be it. Its a run.  A mental and physicall challenge ,Im choosing to do it and I'm doing it for the right reasons, its really that simple.

Please dont feel the need to comment on this post, it was only a few days since the last one and I have read and then re-read all of your messages  from my 'countdown' blogs. The support ,encouragement and belief that you offer is very special and the words are fuel to me. I know that you are behind me and that means a lot. Thank you. I have the baton too and we all know that it has magical powers !

Last night a friend sent me a good luck text and he included this quote which made my smile:

" Climb the mountains and get their good tidings" - John Muir

Look after each other while I'm gone.


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