Posted on: 14 Jul 2015

We are flying through the year.


Quite incredible achievements have taken place since I last blogged, I’ve read about them all and commented on most - please forgive me for those that I missed. In my two and a half years on Realbuzz I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a time of such intense and amazing activity. I could go through and list them all but those who read the blogs know what I mean. Every few days someone does something inspiring, every weekend races are being run and biked, PB’s tumble and distances get longer and longer. If you ever need a kick up the arse then all you have to do is log in and read. If you are not doing these things yourself its difficult not to feel a little guilty, envious even. That’s how I’ve felt but I know that my time will come and so it will for others in the same boat.


Unfortunately I’ve had a bit of an injury for the last few weeks, It started after wearing a new pair of astro turf boots for my Thursday night football a month ago. The next morning when I got out of bed my left heel felt very tender, almost as if I was walking on a bruise. the pain only lasted for the first 10 minutes of the day and slowly eased off but each morning it was there and if anything getting more intense by the day. I did the classic self diagnosis via Google and it looks and feels like I have plantar fasciitis. I’ve followed guidelines and it is slowly getting better, certainly not as bad as it was two weeks ago. I have continued to run on it which goes against some of the advice but it doesn’t hurt when I run and running isn’t making it any worse as far as I can tell.  The new astro boots may need to be replaced though which frustrates me as I’ve been on a hot goal scoring streak since I bought them with 9 goals in 5 games ! Has anyone else ever had plantar fasciitis? if so how did you overcome it?

So back to running, I’m currently working through a 16 week York/Snowdon training plan. Its very similar to last years but with some extra hill sessions and a bit more stretching in the form of yoga. My wife Jill is studying to be a yoga teacher so I’ve been a bit of a yoga guinea pig . She’s holding Saturday morning sessions to get some experience of teaching and I’ve been going with a couple of men friends – we are the only men in the class and the least flexible by far but we are seeing improvements ! We also have a bit of a laugh , like naughty school boys at the back of the class.

 I’ve entered the York 10k which is on 2nd August and as there have been so many RB PB’s recently I thought it only right to target a PB of my own so I’m looking for sub 41.25. It means 6.39 mins per mile so I’ll have to push hard.

Im finally getting to try on the crocodile suit next week which will be worn for the York marathon, I may get to borrow it for some training run try outs , I will go out at dark …..along the river.

The next major event is the annual Family Olympics on the 24th July, Cowboys v Indians this year , I’m an Indian and we are going to give the Cowboys a good hiding in the overall team event ! I think my own chances of a medal this year are slim though but that’s the luck of the draw in Family Olympics !

On the distant horizon The Cape Wrath Ultra is waiting for me, 44 weeks to prepare mentally (60%) and physically (40%) for the biggie !

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