Posted on: 29 Dec 2016

I'm off to my usual spot for new year, a few days of solitude with family and friends in the Northumbrian hills.

Its been a strange running year for me. Six months of the most intensive and exhaustive training followed by 8 days of Cape Wrath challenge. It was both the hardest and the most fulfilling endeavour of my life, it taught me so much and has given me a new kind of strength one confidence having completed it.

Since finishing Cape Wrath I have not run often. I needed time out of the training schedule, time away from chasing something, time to recover , to reflect and importantly to dedicate some time to family and friends. For 6 months I've done that and also stayed away from the distractions of social media. Having done so I'm going to use some of the days over new year to run for fun in the hills and set some new goals.

i want to take this opportunity to all of those ( you know who you are ) that helped me achieve my CW ambition, I can honestly say that if it not for this site I wouldn't have taken it on. Having made the commitment to run it the support given from Realbuzzers before and during the event helped me to nail it !

I know that 2016 has been very hard on many of you, I hope that 2017 brings a change of fortune and you are able to enjoy a year with more ups than downs , more sunshine than storms. You all deserve the very best of things.

Happy new year buzzers!

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