Posted on: 25 Apr 2016

After months of nail biting tension - yesterday I absolutely smashed the London Marathon 2016!! I AM ONE IN A MILLION! Check out that bling people. It couldn't have gone better. What a ride huh? Between black toe nails, viruses, chaffing wounds during training... It took me a while (six and a half hours, I would have liked sub-six but, meh, what are you gonna do?) but it made me appreciate my training and preparation and despite my doubts in my earlier posts - my god, I was so prepared!!

Prep, prep, prep - best advice I could give to anyone taking one on. Never mind 'what time' you're trying to hit - you're putting yourself at risk and doing something immense to your body. Learn about nutrition, hydration, proper stretching, pacing, strength training, visit your GP - get checked over, even if you plan to walk the thing, this is all vital knowledge that not only will get you around, it might save your life! I saw too many people collapse yesterday, it really opened my eyes to the extremity of a race that length.

I was at the back with all the Rhinos and people strapped to fridges, what I like to call 'the fun crowd' (and they were all awesome people, so honoured to have shared the experience with them - Paul the Tiger, you are forever my hero - you can just see him to the left of me in the picture above. Great cause, legendary man). As the race progressed, I could see the people around me who'd either set off too fast or just plain had no idea what they had gotten themselves into dropping like flies. What surprised me was I was fine all the way through, no wall, no hesitation - slow, steady, just marched straight to the end. I'd really built myself up to have this full blown breakdown and crisis of faith, but it never came. This photo pretty much sums it up, everyone around me looks like they're about to end themselves but I was like this even at mile 25!!

When I started this blog, I divulged a lot about my motivation to do this race, I wanted to prove something to myself and do something I never thought I could do, heal some wounds that have plagued me since childhood. The impact it's had on my life has been immense, it's connected me with people in a big way, I've had an overwhelming amount of love and support - I feel like the luckiest girl in the world through some of the incredible friends I have. It's given me confidence and motivation. It's inspired other people to start running too and I never thought anyone would look to me as any kind of inspiration for physical exercise! Like....when did that happen?!

Without a doubt it's one of the trickiest challenges I've undertaken, I trained hard, I committed to it, drove myself crazy at times, but what I have achieved in the past 6 months has made it all worth while. I've spent a life time nursing a feeling that eveyone was picking me last and I know that's played a part in not putting myself out there when I should, keeping my light under a bushel and not always being sure of myself.

What I take away from this? The whole world can pick me last from now on, next time I'm building a team of winners, guess who my number one choice is going to be... :)

Thank you to everyone who's supported me, it's something words can barely express, couldn't have done it without you xxx

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