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Posted on: 29 Mar 2016

A Tip for ya'll 

Why haven't I ran quickly before? It's a lot more fun, my form is better, no achilles pain or any other foot niggles! It certainly is not going to be easy going running quickly the entire marathon but by jove I'm going to give it a go! :) My reccommendation? Just count 123 123 123 123 in your head or out loud as you plough down the street and get that cadence high! And if you start to slow just count out loud again and you'll be back to speed in no time. I like to think of myself as a Japanese monk skipping down the road tiptapping with as much grace and enlightenment as is possible from a big guy like me haha


The Brain Research Trust

As I am getting closer to the marathon my mind wonders often to Steve, for whom I am raising money in memory of for The Brain Research. He was a strong holocasut survivor who lost his entire family to the monstrous concentration camps and it was an honour to hear his life story and to know him. He was a hilarious man who had a large bank of jokes and was very generous with them. I will always remember as his Dementia got worse that he would repeat jokes just a few minutes after originally telling them and somehow still keep the joke fresh! He truly had such a gift! As these memories and jokes faded so did he into a spiral of confusion and it broke my heart to witness. I was devestated to hear that he had passed away July 2015 but to be honest it was a relief, considering the quality of life the disease had left him with.

Please help me in honouring his memory and donate whatever you can please to fund research that will WILL unlock the key to the mysteries that shroud such awful neurological conditions :) 



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