Week Ten day 35 - Tuesday 1st October

Posted on: 01 Oct 2013

Jog 30mins

Got out just before 6.15 this morning.  Dark, but dry and nippy.  I wore my nice new Virgin Marathon jacket (compensation for not getting a place).  I rather like it but it's a bit tight around the girth.  (Extra incentive to get out and pound the streets).

The run felt quite hard work today, perhaps it was too soon after the 50mins jog from Sunday?  I accidentally discovered a shortcut through to the recreation park which may have been a mistake - now I know it's there.  I felt the need for a short walk once I realised where I had ended up.  But it wasn't for long and I started up and finished my 30mins by doing a circuit and half on the old favourite route.  Too early for the birdies and dog walkers.

3.6km @ 6.6km/ph (so a touch faster).

At the weekend I signed up for the Adidas Half Marathon in Silverstone in March and last night I discovered the British 10k London Run which I signed up for too.  So I've got a couple things to work towards now.

Thinking I'll stick with the VLM training programme for beginners and see how I get on.

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