Dulwich ParkRun No. 3

Posted on: 24 Aug 2013

Hollywooddave is so right.  I did get a new PB in my parkrun today.

Although I'm not too sure how it happened, I have no explanation for it.  I let everyone head off and trotted along, a bit faster than I'm used to, in fact on nearing the first full circuit I had to have a walk, after that I tried to slow the pace a hint rather than walk and it seemed to work. 

The weather was horrid, warm and moist (bit like jogging in a warm turkish bath).

Upon completing the second circuit I had enough puff to ask the volunteer if she'll wait for me, she answered "of course!" so I carried on around, most seemed to be finishing but I'm getting used to that.  

I had noticed two runners appeared to have their personal trainers with them (or friends running together).  Saw them in the distance a couple of times but they vanished and then it was just me (as usual).

As I rounded the final corner for the third time I heard a strange noise behind me and a young female jogger passed me by, I thought that was strange hadn't realised anyone had been behind me.  I summoned up some energy from who knows where and I put on a bit of a spurt, but couldn't catch her up, but we did go through the finish on the same time.

Hope you're sitting down Hollywooddave because I can't believe this time:  34.27 a new PB (last weeks was 39.49)

Not only that I was 106 out of 109 and my age grade has shot up to 49.88% and I still got a round of applause and a cheer. Strawberries and cherries on offer at the finish too.  But wanted to get home for a nice cup of tea.

So I'm on a cloud at the moment.  Thank you for your confidence, HWD.  In fact I admit I had been thinking of you on my way around and had been trying to imagine your words of encouragment - must have worked!  Cheers!

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