Dulwich ParkRun No.6

Posted on: 12 Oct 2013

Well that's weird, the times have changed and last week had me down as a PB!  My text message had me down as 38.45 secs.  I'm confused!

According to the changed stats, managed to get around last week in 37.02 which is pretty amazing for me.  That's like over a minute faster than the previous PB...  Somethings up.  But then this week I made it round in 37.22 so it's in the same ball park.   No PB though but.. Wow, I've made it into the 37's!!!

What a beautiful day for a run!  Brilliant sunshine, blue sky, fresh air.  Just a few puddles to avoid.  Wow!

The run: This week felt really tough, I was knackered from the start (no idea why other than I'd only got out for a jog once  this week due to stress at work playing with my head).  I was aiming to beat what I thought was last weeks time of 38.45 so I achieved that quite well.  I was trying to identify the 'ups' and 'downs' of the flat course.  There is definately a slight incline and decline but not really visible with the eye, just notice it getting harder and easier as you jog round, if that makes any sense? So tried to 'go faster' on the easier bits and slowed back down for the harder bits. 

Best experience:  The volunteer on the stopwatch cheered me on by name on completion on my first circuit, then from her new position of handing out finish tokens she shouted more encouragement as I completed my second, then clapped me through on my final finish and a 'Well done'.  What a lovely lady. Surprising how much it actually helped.

Oh my great achievement? I passed someone today, okay he only looked like he was about 7 and his (I assume) Dad asked him how he felt being passed and he just puffed "I'm okay".  Bless him. Not sure if he finished or not as there was only 1 'unknown' after me this week.  Give it a few weeks and no doubt he'll be overtaking me!  But I won't complain, who knows where he'll end up if he keeps it up.  Oh and I definately beat the gentleman who gave up at the end of the first circuit.  

Dulwich parkrun results

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