Session 38 - Wednesday 16th October

Posted on: 16 Oct 2013

Only good thing about today was my morning jog (left home at 6.10am).  Just wish I'd done it yesterday. 

Suppose to be been 45mins session but I got back home after an hour (it took me 30 mins to reach the furthest point up the top of the hill above Sydenham and strangely took another 30 mins to get down the hill back home).  Bit puzzled by that one.  Anyway it was a total of 6.5km @ 6.5km/ph.

Weather was foggy and quite cold  Said a morning to a male jogger at the top of the hill who was blowing his nose onto the pavement (urgh)  but he snorted a 'morning' back.  Also, I got a cheery response from the road sweeper at the bottom of the hill.

Still mostly dark when I got home, but at least it was dry.



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