Week Nine day 31 - Sunday 22nd September

Posted on: 22 Sep 2013

Not one to argue with HollywoodDave, I got back out there this morning and if felt fine.  No coughing and only one stop to blow the nose (I can't multitask).  Weather felt humid which was probably a bonus but early enough that the streets weren't aired yet.

Decided to go the mini road route into Sydenham and finish in the Park.  Thought pace was a hint fast but turned out to be a bit slower than normal (may be two - three weeks before I can get back to the parkrun - I can't believe I like them so much - it's hard work actually going round but such a good feeling once completed!)

Had no plan just went by how I was feeling.  Managed a reasonable 35mins but only 3.9km.  According to my pedometer thingy that was at a pace of 6.6km/ph.  Legs felt like cannon balls when I called it a day and I have a 5.5 mile walk planned today, if my hubby can drag himself out of bed that is.

Oh yes, the lady with the Spaniel in the park said that I looked like I was wasting away!  Wow, that put an extra spring in my step.  (Just a couple of pounds to go and I'll have lost a stone).  That 'overweight' horizon is almost a reality and I'll no longer be 'obese'!

Perhaps I'll go for a little run tomorrow morning as well.

PS.  HollywoodDave: You can call me Yve.

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