Week Ten day 36 - Thursday 3rd October

Posted on: 03 Oct 2013

Combination 100mins that's what it said on the programme today.  But I only managed an hour.  When, pray tell is one suppose to get the time to run 100mins during the week?

I was out at 6.20am this morning (dark and dry again) and headed  up the hill towards Crystal Palace (I count that as the 'running' bit) then down towards Sydenham, taking a detour to run past Mum's retirement complex (only one light on that I could see, but not in her flat). Then on through Sydenham High Street watching the sun come up.  

Got a bit disorientated when I took a turning that turned out to be a dead end but soon found a road I knew.  Discovered another shortcut that detoured away from the main road, then on towards the recreation park.  Two full circuits (small ones) and I had had enough.  Plus I had to get back to get the daughter out of bed.  I think the snails were overtaking me at that point.

Total: 7km @ 6.6km/ph (average)

Saw a robin and a blackbird in the park and said "Morning" to a young dog-walking hoodie, who gave me the brightest smile and retuned my "Morning".

Parkrun on Saturday all being well. 

I enjoyed this story on Twitter the other day and thought it worth repeating: Half-Marathoner wins Marathon hope the link works.

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