Week One, day 1 - Sunday 30th June

Posted on: 03 Jul 2013

Jog 15 mins.

Sunday morning 30th June, just back from a weeks holiday in Northern Ireland so felt fresh. Munched on a banana.  Did a few warm-up exercises before I left.   Got to the park about 7.20am, set up my new joggers pedometer (must remember to read the instructions again) and set off at a very slow pace.

Sun was shining but not too strongly, a couple of dog walkers – just ignored them – I was going so slowly they didn’t even give me a second glance!  Made it round the circuit, puffing a bit but not too bad.  Glanced at my watch and guessed it took about 7 mins to get around.  Coming up to the second lap I noticed my lace had come undone, so I took a few seconds out to re-tie it, glanced at my watch and got confused as I couldn’t remember the start time.   Made it around for the third time and stopped.  Looked at the pedometer which said just over 17 minutes.  Which I thought was quite reasonable.

Walked home, carried out some cool down exercises, then collapsed in the chair.  Later on I had a go at my new Wii EA Active 2 ‘game’ and decided it might be fun to start the new 30 day challenge.  It took about 20 mins and included a warm up and cool down session so didn’t do any of my own cool downs – may have been a mistake.  Wondered why the online connection didn't seem to work - perhaps its the wrong time of day?

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