Week One, day 2 - Monday 1st July

Posted on: 03 Jul 2013

Jog 15 mins

Monday morning, 1st July.  I’m on leave for another week so went out early for day 2.  Found the stopwatch function  on my watch and had refreshed my memory on the joggers pedometer.  Set them both off and set off.  Hoped to get around slightly faster then yesterday.

Noticed that I seemed to get puffy in the sunshine but recovered slightly in the shade, or is there a slight incline/decline on the path that I hadn’t noticed yesterday?

Bit earlier today (6.20am) but still quite a few dog walkers but joined (in passing) by a couple of fellow joggers (obviously more experienced than me and faster).

Tops of my legs are aching from the Workout yesterday and only just made it around the circuit 3 times.  Was really shattered but made it in 15 mins (2 mins faster than yesterday).

Walked slowly back home, aware of my left arch in my foot, perhaps it’s not used to be supported?

Carried out my cool down exercises prior to collapsing in my chair. 

Again, later in the afternoon I set up and completed day 2 of the EA Fitness 2 challenge (about 20 mins), remembered to do some cool down exercises this time, but still achy.  Will need to get the arnica gel out.

Checked out the online facility  on the web - the servers were shut down on 13th April 2012...  Which would explain a few things, why it was so cheap to start with for one, but the plans and exercises are good fun so I may carry on, I'll see how I feel.

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