Week Nine day 29 - Sunday 25th August

Posted on: 26 Aug 2013

Another combination:  Jog 15mins x3, Run 10mins x2, Walk 5mins x2

Weather:  Cool and damp, v.slight drizzle to start with but cleared up.  Could have left my jacket at home.  Time: 7:45-9am (bit late but it was a Sunday)

As usual I got confused (obviously can't tell the time when jogging, unlike most women, I can't do two things at once!). But completed the 75mins, ultra slowly at times.

Had definately had enough when the time was up, but that may be because running round in circles is beginning to get a bit boring, but I wasn't so keen on the street running, nothing to see.  At least in the park you have birds, dogs, and people to observe.

Speaking of which, I saw a cat sauntering across the green when I first got there, gave me a very quizzical look.

Also, a rather inconsiderate dog 'walker'.  The 'gentleman' basically sat on a bench reading his paper and smoking his ciggies while his two dogs just ran riot in the park. 

I was also 'entertained' by a personal trainer and his two young, female clients - think they are training for something they both had the same t'shirt on.  He had them running and walking with other stuff at various points.  One of the girls (the cuddly one) was carrying a couple of weights around with her, but he was really yelling at them.  If it had been me I'd have told he where to go.

Total on the pedometer was 8km @ 6.3km/ph (average).  So I was very pleased with that. 

Afternoon, Hubby and myself completed a very pleasant walk in Meopham, think we stretched it to 5miles.  Got home to read that the parkrun times had been all wrong.

Parkrun Results have been revised:  I'm still pleased (more realistic)  new pb (38.41 which is almost a minute on last week) and second from last, so, still very happy.

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