Week Eight day 27 - Monday 19th August

Posted on: 20 Aug 2013

Jog 5mins, Run 10mins, Jog 5mins, Run 5mins, Jog 15mins (well that was the plan)

Total of 5.2km.  I'm really not keen on these combination sessions but I believe they do work.  I much prefer the long slow slogs instead of these puffy, huffy, 'runs' that make me feel almost dead (nearly dead would be lying on the ground fighting for breath - not been there yet, thank goodness).  

Added a couple of extra mins to the final jog to make up for the walks during the 'runs'.  I have made progress compared to day one when I just managed 15mins but I've still a long way to go.

Wasn't sure if the walk yesterday (Sunday) had tired me out but it was only 3.5 miles and pretty easy going but I had had a very late night Sat night/Sun morning so maybe that had more to do the the tiredness?  (Am I making excuses?)

Anyway, my next session will be on Friday and it's due to be a nice 25min jog so I'm looking forward to that one, with a Dulwich parkrun on Saturday again (glutton for punishment).

Got lots of cheery morning greetings (they help too) but the best was passing the trainee jogger with her personal trainer, that gave me a confidence boost.

Thanks everyone for all your cheery encouragement.  It really helps.

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