Week Ten day 34 - Sunday 29th September

Posted on: 29 Sep 2013

Jog/Walk 50mins (5.8km)

Late night last night (TV: Strictly and  Harry Potter book reading in bed) so felt too tired for an early morning run so tried a lunchtime one instead, different feel, not unpleasant.  

Suppose to be one of those nasty combination run/jogs but don't like um so just jogged for the allotted 50mins, sometimes a bit fast (downhill) and sometimes a bit slow (uphill).  And occasionally walked (steeper hill).  Even got to exchange a cheery 'hiya' with a fellow jogger  as we passed each other along the road, (that's only happened in the park before).

Stuck mostly to the road, totally different way, opposite direction to normal, but quite enjoyed it (have walked the route many times so underestimated the time it would take to jog it).   But simply extended the route and ended up at the park on the other side of town, followed by a short walk uphill [sort of marched, elbows and knees up], then jogged past the front of the golf clubhouse (embarressing) and back down the hill.  Slow jog on the incline all the way home.   

Made the mistake of stopping at the traffic lights on the way back (quite a welcome relief to regain one's breath, but starting up again was very difficult).  So much so that by the time I'd got to the end of the road and had to stop again for the traffic I was totally incapable of starting up again.  The battery was flat!  So 'marched' up the last bit of the incline back home (about 2 mins).

Over the railway bridge and home to a nice cup of tea that had just been brewed.  Perfect.

Got to be ready for the parkrun this Saturdday as there may be cake....

PS HWDave..  The WII Fit declared me 'overweight' this am WooHoo!  Was thinking of you on my trip round.  Can only reiterate what others have said and maybe try walking.  (At least it's free, like running).  Maybe weight training?  Loved the idea of the punchbag.  Not so keen on the price of the 'punch men' though but they do look such fun.

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