Week Nine day 31 - Friday 30th August

Posted on: 30 Aug 2013

Jog 40mins

Just a little note today.  Crawled out of bed and was on the road by 6.20am.  Decided to go on the road instead of heading for the park.  Same route as last time, but this time it was warm(ish) instead of drizzling.  A lot of people had forgotton about the bank holiday and had put their bins out.  Silly things - it's collection day tomorrow.

Had to push myself the entire way.  New mantra's "Just keep go  ing" and "on wards and up wards" in time to the steps.  Seems to work.

Finished with one extended circuit at the park and walked home. One of the usual dog-walkers said a lovely "morning" and so did her little fluffy doggie! (Well that's what I liked to believe he/she barked).  Only other person was a fellow jogger, we nodded at each other as we crossed paths (she was going clockwise, on the grass, I was going anti-clockwise on the tarmac).

Hopefully parkrun will be good tomorrow.  Just going to enjoy the run and not stress over pb's and things. 

This afternoon in work, one of the ladies said she'd seen me this morning (at 6.30 in Penge) and was very impressed by my effort.

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