Session 40 - Sunday 27th October

Posted on: 27 Oct 2013

Had a 35 min jog during last week, but following my success at the parkrun yesterdday I went for a longer, slower jog today.  The programme suggested a combination totally 1hr 20 mins, but I got lost so it turned into an epic 2hour trip (some of that was spent consulting the sat nav on my phone and maps in the park, so maybe take off about 10 mins from the total).  I'm shattered and seriously considering going back to bed.

Left home at GMT 6.45am and got back just before 9am.  But the weather is so lovely out, crisp, clean, fresh air, warm sunshine, slight breeze, blue sky.  Shame I'm so tired, would have been perfect for a walk today.

Said a good morning to quite a few people out and about this morning including lots of dog walkers - even asked one the way, he was extremely helpful,  Eventually found my way out the park and back on track but the final stretch home, my steps were tiny baby ones, could barely lift my legs.  

But I'm putting it down as a success.  May have taken 2 hours but I have achieved 7.5 miles.  Only problem is the half marathon is 13 miles so I've still a long way to go, but 4 months to get there.

The TCAA charity have sent me a half marathon training plan so I may be changing my programme soon.

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