The downside of winter training

Posted on: 27 Jan 2017

Normally you won’t hear complaints from me about programmes that span the cold winter months. I don’t mind going out in the dark, digging out the thermals and popping on my gloves. 

If anything, it gives me that extra incentive to push a little harder, either to try and get warm or just return home and into a hot shower that bit quicker! 

The downside, however, is that it’s germ season.  As I type from my desk in a large, open plan office (on a break, I hasten to add – not blogging on company time, honest) all I can hear is a chorus of coughs and splutters echoing across each floor.

It’s like a doctor’s waiting room but with telephones and computers.  I know we live in a society that encourages people to share, but in this instance I’d prefer it if people kept their ailments to themselves.

And so, inevitably, I woke up this morning with a razor blade throat and a tickly cough.  I made a diversion on my drive to work to stock up on meds so hopefully I can nip the symptoms in the bud before they put me off my stride.

I’m due out for a speedwork session later today, which I’ll probably stick with providing the thermometer gets back up above freezing (it has been awfully chilly this week!).  But I’ll think twice before Sunday’s long run as the forecast is pretty grim and an hour and a half out in the rain probably isn’t the best remedy for man flu.

Coughs and colds aside, it’s been a pretty uneventful week running wise.  Weekly mileage is up to 25 and I’ve worked out an exercise programme at home to do on two non-running evenings which is helping me work on my core strength.

I also noticed the date has been released for this year’s Silverstone 10k (2 May) which I quite fancy, especially if I can convince a few running buddies to come along for the ride.

Anyway, duty calls so I’ll crack open the throat sweets and bid you farewell.  Stay fit, focused and, above all, healthy my fellow Buzzers!   

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