Ready to race

Posted on: 03 Jun 2012

I've definitely felt a bit jaded this week. A 2 mile recovery run on Tuesday was followed by a 5 mile tempo run on Thursday. I deliberately ran this slower than previous tempo efforts, averaging 10:08 /mile, and I'm glad I did as I felt a distinct lack of energy. Today I decided on a short, sharp 2 miler so as not to overdo it, and I felt much fresher than earlier in the week. With the benefit of hindsight, I shouldn't have run so hard the previous week in the heat. Hopefully a lesson learned.

So my training for the first Yateley 10K race on Wednesday is complete. I've clocked 193 miles in 58 runs so far this year meaning I've achieved my first goal - I've already run further than I did last year! I also covered 64 miles in May - the second highest monthly mileage I've managed.

The Yateley course is quite undulating. My main aim is to get through the race injury free so I don't plan any heroics. I'll take it steady for the first couple of miles which are more up than down and see how I feel from there. The next mile and half is largely downhill before flattening out but there's a nasty hill in the last mile which can really take your breath away.

I'm actually as excited about this race as I've been for any that I've run. The weather forecast is for temperatures around 16C with the possibility of heavy showers so not too bad. Here's hoping I get round in one piece!

Enjoy your running!

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